Coolroom Hire Specialist in Melbourne

At Cold Cube we like to keep it simple; we provide modern and clean coolroom hire in Melbourne at a great price. Over the past few years we have taken the time to listen closely to our customers??? requirements and strive to produce cool rooms that make events run smoothly. One of the main areas we have focused on is space saving. With our new ???footprint model??? all refrigeration machinery is contained within the footprint of the cool room. The cool rooms don???t have any draw bar or wheels that take up valuable space, so can be placed side by side. This maximises the space available and with no big step in, makes it much easier on the staff to come in and out.

Other new additions include*:
– Electronic valves that keep the equipment running at optimum performance, whilst minimising running costs.
– New setup of shelving that can form many different configurations and be completely removed in minutes.
– A new summer feature is ???gastronome shelving???, which is designed especially for catering companies so they can easily and safely store trays of food.

*Please note, new additions are only available on some models of cool rooms. Please talk to a Cold Cube representative to learn more.

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