All prices quoted include delivery and pick up of our equipment.


Cool Room Hire Melbourne - shelving

Our equipment comes with food grade adjustable shelving that meets all food safety requirements.

Large Motors

Cool Room Hire largemotor

All our equipment have large motors installed to pull down product quickly and work efficiently during peak summer temperatures. It is advisable to talk to a Coldcube representative to discuss the amount of time to allow for your product to reach temperature.

Power Supply

Cool Room Hire Power

All our equipment uses 10amp power supply (same plug as in houses). It is advisable to plug the equipment into a circuit that does not have other high usage items such as ovens and kitchen equipment.


Cool Room Hire Melbourne Safety

All our rooms come with lockable door handles that can be opened from the inside in an emergency should anybody become trapped inside.

Accurate Thermostat

Melbourne Cool Room thermostat

Our equipment have electronic thermostats to accurately display room temperature and allow easy adjustments for different product requirements.


Cool Room Hire wheelclamp

Our trailers come with substantial wheel clamps and draw bar locks to prevent the rooms from being towed once on site.

Vinyl Flooring

Cool Room Hire Melbourne vinylflooring

Non slip hospital grade vinyl flooring installed on all rooms, that exceeds food safety requirements.